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Thera Amazon

Reforesting and preserving the Amazon through disruptive projects that can develop human natives and cities to better preserve the forests.

Reflorestando e preservando a Amazonia por meio de projetos disruptivos que possam desenvolver os nativos e cidades pra melhor preservar as florestas.


Change the people save the forest!

Simples as that.

Image by Sébastien Goldberg
Sun through the Branches

What We Do

Social development

Engage Amazonian to use their lands for sustainable profit to benefit their families and organizations.


Reforest what is possible through organized Thera projects


Promote in village climate education and blue business during the program.

Green Bank

Capturing important big data to understand economy, society and environment to understand the key to evolving the people.

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Crypto Reforested Tree Token.

Thera BiomaParks

Preservation NFTs, Exclusive video art that benefit the Natives to evolve their production through coordinate sustainable economical governance.

Thera Art

Amazon art and culture sold through exclusive NFT.

TheraFX and TheraBank

Future exchange platform to potentialize our values and commodities with the global economy