Our Projects

Trees For Gaia

Reforesting program and forest education.

Thera Autazes

Developing blue social projects and bioproduct in the Panamazonian region. Our next objective is to develop tested projects in this initial Amazon city, already taking way.

Thera Novo Remanso

Our biggest plantation yet this second plantation is in planning phase. Be a part of this legacy.



The best Rainforest products picked by hand for you.

Trees From Above


Preserving token

The concept of reforesting the Amazon is a Thera Mission, but what about preserving natural habitats? For interested users we are now creating our ERC-1155 Preservation token called Bioma with ISO 14001 management in perspective. Every Bioma is 10m² of real preserved land, each Bioma is part of different Sets of Bioma Parks, each BiomaPark has different asset trees, natural life, species, animals, fruitable trees all encompassing over ++8.000.000 natural living organisms in each BiomaPark. Users may visit the bioma parks using their Bioma tokens.